Why Study in Malaysia

Education in Malaysia has become quite internationally integrated offering a wide variety of interesting career pathways. Many universities are offering dual UK programs and follow the British educational standard. There are two types of universities in Malaysia – Public and Private with an array of study opportunities to choose from (Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Masters, DBA, PhD). Each university in Malaysia is known by it’s well renowned programs from Engineering, Multimedia, IT, Sciences and more. Additionally, branch universities from the UK and Australia have strongly established themselves as well within the country. They provide the same curriculum and offer more affordable tuition fees compared to their home country to accommodate the market. This has encouraged many foreigners and even citizens of their own to come study in Malaysia at practically half the cost considering tuition, accommodation and living expenses. Compared to Europe, Malaysia is much more affordable to live and study in. However, part-time work rates are not that attractive and finding a job while studying isn’t easy. Usually the most attractive job opportunities are available in IT or multimedia design.

Many universities now offer what I call a 2-in 1 program such as Marketing / Business with specialism in e-commerce or Accounting / finance with specialism in forensic investment. These types of programs always have their attractive catch on a certificate and provide more career options in the future. Most importantly, it trains students to multitask in more than just one field. Nowadays, multi-tasking is becoming a trend in many job fields. For more information, feel free to get in touch with us directly.

Living Cost & Tuition Fees

If you wanted to compare the cost of living with other countries such as the US, Australia, UK, and Canada, Malaysia is by far much lower. An undergraduate course at Nottingham University, UK would cost £13,470 whereas the same course at the branch campus in Malaysia would cost MYR 39,990 (approximately £7,000). Students can live comfortably in Malaysia at a cost of MYR 2000 a month covering food, shared accommodation, and other daily expenses.

Work Opportunity

Although it is not the highest paying country in terms of part-time jobs, students can work under a student visa up to 20 hours per week during semester break or holidays. It is a great opportunity to experience the Asian work culture and add what you have gained to your work portfolio.

Admission Requirements

Admission Process

To apply to an education institution and enter the country, is a simple and faster process compared to other countries. As long as your results meet the minimum requirement, documents are clear, your name is concise and the same within all your documents, you have no prior criminal records then expect a hassle-free process. Before applying, consult with our representatives who can guide you throughout the steps and facilitate your acceptance and visa in the best way possible.​

Application Deadlines

Those interested in studying in Malaysia can apply for admission during multiple times in a year. Most institutions have two or more intakes in a year, and accept new students each intake. The exact application deadlines vary by institution and by program as each institution has its own admission cycle. Courses that have a higher demand have quicker application deadlines, while other courses remain open until they fill up. In general, the final application deadlines are roughly two months before the start of the academic term.

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